The Department for Foreigners of the Małopolska Provincial Office in Kraków would like to inform about partial resumption of in-person customer service.

Registration UE, residence card for family member of the UE citizen, permanent residence card for UE citizen collection (from May 25th, 2020) strong>

Starting from May 25th, 2020 the possibility of Registration UE, residence card for family member of the UE citizen, permanent residence card for UE citizen collection is partially resumed. We’re only going to issue cards to individuals which we have previously contacted via phone or sent an email. Please wait for contact from the Office. Please do not come to the Office without a scheduled appointment.

Reinstatement of appointments scheduled for June 1th, 2020.

All individuals that possess arequest to submit missing formal documents for their application for legalization of stay are asked to arrange appointment. The aforementioned individuals are to come to the Office with a valid passport or ID card and documents listed in the request.

Interviews and access to files (from June 15th, 2020)

Starting from June 15th, 2020 functions involving parties to proceedings are partially resumed (i.e. interviews and access to files). Initially, clients are going to receive their appointment dates via phone or email. Other individuals are going to receive their appointment dates via post. Please follow instructions listed in the letter.

We’re reminding of the sanitary rules which apply during visits in the Małopolska Provincial Office.

Only individuals without symptoms like fever, cough, and breathing difficulties may enter the Office.
One is to come with all the required documents concerning the case. Only individuals which possess complete documents in each given case will be allowed to enter the Office.

One is to wear a mask or different covering of mouth and nose as well as disposable gloves. One is to maintain proper distance from other individuals and Office employees (recommended distance is 2 meters).

Before entering the Office, one is to disinfect their hands at the designated point with provided hand sanitizer.

  • Removal of mask or other covering of mouth and nose is to occur only per clear instructions from an Office employee for the purpose of identification, after backing up for a safe distance.
  • During a visit on the premises of the Office one is to follow the provided rules of moving around.
  • One is to consider the fact that there will be no access to bathrooms in the Office.
  • In the case of violation of above-mentioned rules and arrangements visit in the Office will not be possible.

Receiving an appointment date for personal appearance in the Office does not exempt from undergoing quarantine or other forms of isolation associated with the epidemic hazard.

For your safety and due to the requirement of following provided sanitary guidelines issued for the purpose of preventing spread of the infectious disease COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, foreigners will be informed by the security guards and employees of the Office about the limitation of entrance to the Office by third parties.

Customer service will be conducted by meeting all sanitary requirements and ensuring safety of employees and customers. Scheduling appointments for foreigners which have submitted applications during the current period of imposed sanitary guidelines requires not only equipping the employees with necessary sanitary supplies, but also logistic solutions for documents, and coordination of moving around the office (entrance and exit) in order to prevent an excessive number of individuals from occupying the building.

Additional information – structure of work in the Office

Access to the Office is still restricted and available only for individuals with appointments.







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